The Whirl of Swirls

is our full planning package that is truly a V.I.P. experience where you can dream, decide, and let us do the work. Busy couples and their families love the benefit of our full support and insight with all their big decisions. From venue search to your fairytale wedding, we will guide you through every step so that all vendors, plans, and details harmonize perfectly. Our comprehensive planning experience helps you navigate all of the important decisions as we build your perfect wedding, one that you will adore, all while enjoying every step of the wedding planning journey.


The All in the Details

package is for those of you who have your heart set on the big details and need some help with the rest. We will help you source your vendors, stylize the wedding, and manage the minutia. No matter where you are in the planning process, you can lean on us to keep you on track with the planning and synchronization of all vendors, logistics, and plans with our expert precision.


The All in Line

package is for those who have all the planning done and want an expert to help as the wedding approaches. We begin working with you during the month of the wedding so we can understand your final vision, contracts, and master plan. We will serve as the main contact with your vendors during this time. We will confirm all vendor commitments, set up all of your personal details, orchestrate all
the logistics, and run the show so you can be a guest at your own perfect wedding!


You deserve the perfect wedding day. Let's be honest here. Planning a wedding, coordinating all the vendors, and managing all the work along with the guests is quite a big job. On top of that, you most likely have a career, hobbies, and other obligations that keep you busy. It takes a lot of time and hard work to put together the perfect wedding. 

With our vast and extensive amount of experience, Kimberly Ann Events has planned hundreds of memorable and extraordinary events, and with practice comes perfection. We know the right people to talk to specifically, how to be cost effective, what should (and shouldn't) be in a contract, and how to ensure that every single wedding detail is prepared for your special day.


In most instances, this will be your first time planning a wedding.  Kimberly Ann Events is a well-rooted, established local wedding planner that has worked in the wedding industry for years.


We will give you peace of mind that every detail will be taken care of the right way. Knowing that you have a Kimberly Ann Events wedding planner, who is fully coordinating your special day, allows you to relax and enjoy the moment of the biggest day of your life. Kimberly Ann Events will save you time, which can be extremely important for busy couples. We can help you find the best wedding photographer or the perfect caterer for your reception - something that might take a lot of your personal time.

We offer full and partial planning packages as well as a month of coordination. We customize all packages to perfectly fit your needs.